Scrooge loves those gift cards

Picking your favorite Scrooge ain’t easy. There’s Alastair Sim‘s wonderful portrayal from the classic 1951 film. There’s Patrick Stewart, who played the old miser on Broadway (and whose performance on the DVD is, well, over the top, but in a good way). But we always had a soft spot for Albert Finney in the 1970 musical version.

Simon Malls

Isn’t it a little weird, though, to see Scrooge, in his moment of redemption, pitching for, well, a chain of shopping malls? Granted, he’s doling out gift cards, so that’s sort of nice. But they don’t grow on trees—you’re gonna have to pony up the cash for them, or whip out your credit card. In the movie, the point of the song is that Scrooge is tearing up everyone’s IOUs and ridding them of their debts. The point of this commercial, of course, is to get people to add to theirs.

Oh, humbug.

–Posted by Tim Nudd  

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