Screenvision Launches the Hegarty Awards to Honor the Best in Cinema Advertising

Named after Sir John, winner will receive $1 million in media

Alfred Maskeroni

Screenvision Media has unveiled a new creative launch pad ad unit at the 2017 Cannes Lions that’s designed to provide a new incentivized platform for ads to make their debut in cinema.

John Partilla, CEO of Screenvision Media, announced the new initiative during a panel—which featured Sir John Hegarty, BBH co-founder, who is also the creative chair in residence at Screenvision, and Lisa Clunie, co-founder and CEO of Joan—and event celebrating creative storytelling and Adweek’s Creative 100 franchise, now in it’s third year.

Brands that take advantage of the launch pad inventory to premiere a media campaign will be eligible to win $1 million worth of cinema media in 2018. The prize, called the Hegarty Award in honor of Hegarty and his long career as a creative executive and thought leader, will be awarded to the most creative ad that debuted in cinema, and will be selected by Hegarty, along with a panel of judges. The winner of the Hegarty Award will be announced during the 2018 Cannes Lions festival.

“As a creative myself and an avid supporter of the industry, it’s a pleasure and an honor to be involved in this initiative by Screenvision Media. Today’s marketplace is ever more in need of a showcase canvas that allows big ideas to drive the conversation,” said Hegarty. “When creative is shown on the big screen, there is nothing quite like it. I can’t think of a better place for brands to debut their spots than through the launch pad.”

"The creative industry is becoming increasingly more innovative and story-driven, but the incredible work being produced often gets lost."
John Partilla, CEO Screenvision Media

The new ad unit will have a dedicated introduction and premium placement within Screenvision Media’s Front + Center pre-show.

“The creative industry is becoming increasingly more innovative and story-driven, but the incredible work being produced often gets lost, blocked or skipped within this fragmented marketplace,” said Screenvision’s Partilla. “We want to make sure those stories have a place to shine, and there is no questioning the impact that the 40-foot screen provides.”

This past upfront season, Screenvision Media focused on how cinema provides highly memorable impression in media, reinforced by an 59 percent ad awareness statistic. The launch pad ad unit is the latest in a series of announcements by Screenvision that provide advertisers with new opportunities for their creative to play with impact on the large cinema screen.

Whether ads are created for cinema or television, all ads are invited to premiere within the launch pad inventory. Qualifying ads must run in cinema within seven days of the campaign debuting.

All creative that runs within the launch pad inventory from July 2017 until May 2018 will be eligible for consideration for the Hegarty Award.

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