‘Scoop’ is light on its feet (and on ads)

Seen Scoop yet? If you’re anything like me, Woody Allen’s latest might get you cackling, but your amusement will run from freshly tickled to gamely worn down. It’s like an uncle who tells the same joke at every family gathering. Must say, though, I wouldn’t mind getting a tip from a dead reporter—and those Seventh Seal atmospherics are Allen at his seriocomic best. But no amount of cleverness can salve the annoyance of yet another actor channeling the director’s schticky neurosis. Early on I guessed the real murder in this mystery caper was Scarlet Johansson doing Alvy Singer. Having said that, Scoop is a fun balmy-weather romp and keeps you in your seat, a reminder that even lukewarm Woody Allen beats plenty of showsters at their best. As for marketing tricks, Scoop’s seem mercifully quaint. Did Focus Features saw the campaign in half? “The perfect man. The perfect story. The perfect murder.” The perfect degree of hype.

—Posted by Laura Blum

Image: Focus Features