Scion Speak site lets you rat out your logo

You know, after all these years, I still enjoy a good "design your own (thing normally designed by professionals)." But the emphasis has to be on the word good, and that’s where StrawberryFrog earns points with its Scion Speak site, which lets you create a customized logo. According to The New York Times, “The agency spent six months last year escorting a graffiti artist, Tristan Eaton, around New York, Los Angeles and other cities to talk to Scion owners about their lifestyles.” The result is a site with slick urban graphics and a surprisingly intuitive navigation. What’s also interesting is the fact that the site represents Toyota’s focus on building loyalty among existing customers. I haven’t ridden in a Scion in years, but I still enjoyed creating this winged, rat-capped ode to awesomeness. Hat tip to Dan Shust on Twitter.

—Posted by David Griner