For Schwarzenegger, it’s morning again … in California

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday unveiled
the first ad in his reelection campaign, and some are likening it to the 1984
"Morning Again in America"
presidential effort
for that other actor-turned-governor of California, Ronald
Reagan. It definitely shares the upbeat tone of that long-ago ad, and the
opening visuals of the sun rising first over a bucolic suburb, and then over
the Golden Gate Bridge,
certainly help. But, strangely, the spot’s central motif is California traffic—albeit California traffic
moving in fast forward—as if to say, "Hey, California!
We are happenin’!" Anyway, as we know that Tom Messner, who had a hand in
Reagan’s advertising, stops by AdFreak now and again, we have to ask, Tom, if
you’re reading this morning, what do you think? Is this like the Reagan ad, or just what political advertising looks like before everyone start slinging mud at one another?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor