In-school advertising lacks Mass. appeal

Guess where they want to ban ads in schools? In Massachusetts, of course, where even the most innocuous marketing can send locals into a panic. The sweeping proposal would create “commercial free zones” from kindergarten through high school, covering electronic scoreboards, ad-sponsored classroom news broadcasts and music piped onto school buses. This is nothing new for Massachusetts, which got upset last year about the idea of ads on school buses. I guess kids will just have to wait for recess to check out the latest Wii offers on their smart-phones. When I was a kid, we walked 10 miles to school each day in blinding snowstorms. Actually, it was about a mile and a half, and they cancelled school if it snowed. But I always got picked dead last for kickball. A Chester Cheetah spot in study hall might have actually made the day a little more tolerable.