Save the starving, ultra-thin models!

It looks like the fashion industry has finally taken the hint about the message they send to the public. And they’ve done so in a typically flamboyant, exaggerated way, resulting in “the world’s first ban on overly thin models.” This decision, levied at a fashion show in Madrid, “has caused outrage among modeling agencies,” who are no doubt kicking over trays of bobby pins amid shrieks of “Oh, listen to her!” Apparently, underweight models were rejected from Madrid’s fashion week after someone with a clue discovered that their wafer-thin looks inspire eating disorders in young women. This brought cries of protest from people like Elite modeling agency’s Cathy Gould. “What about discrimination against the model,” she asked, “and what about the freedom of the designer?” Yeah, what about those things? Are we going to sit back and let a bunch of bleeding-heart sissies shame the fashion industry into not setting detrimental body-image standards for young women? Don’t think of the aesthetics, people. Think of all those unemployed, “gazelle-like” models. They can’t afford any more discrimination; if they look like this, they aren’t getting much work outside of National Geographic as it is.

—Posted by David Kiefaber