Save Me From the Hulking, Virile Lee Jeans Lion Men of Yore

Tight slacks! Lion masks! Many's the night I've awakened in a sweat, barking those very words. My wife pretends she's asleep. Perhaps as a wee lad I was traumatized by this bizarre Lee Jeans print campaign. The year: 1971. The slacks: inhumanly tight, cutting off circulation below the waist. The masks: shaggy, sinister, like something from a vintage Sid and Marty Krofft cartoon show set in hell. The belt buckles: shiny, bulbous, suggesting both virility and fractured psyches. The tagline: "Lee can change your image." True, but not for the better. The images are so datedly kitschy and surreal, their current popularity as posters seems fitting. Among those available is the most disturbing ad of the bunch, which shows sunlight blazing between the mane-man's legs, threatening to burn his beastly bum and singe his feline flares. Contemplating the mind-set that created such work gives me paws. Worst pun ever, no lion! A bunch more images after the jump. Via BuzzFeed.