Save, and be saved, with ING Direct’s help

You've probably seen bumper stickers bearing the motto "Jesus saves." You may even have seen one that gets Moses and Buddha into the act. So, when you see a bumper sticker that declares, "I save," you may wonder whether the car's owner is claiming to be some sort of deity. A campaign for the ING Direct bank is courting this confusion as it rolls out a campaign urging Americans to start saving—money, that is. Visitors to the We, The Savers Web site can download their very own "I save" bumper sticker, along with "I save" social-networking icons and other paraphernalia, once they've signed the site's Declaration of Financial Independence. GWP Brand Engineering created the campaign's advertising, which New Yorkers are already seeing in posters, taxi toppers and whatnot.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver