Satan takes another anti-spokesman ad job

Metro South Church in Trenton, Mich., enlists the ultimate anti-spokesman in a Web campaign designed to put people in the pews. Is it … Satan?! In fact, it is. Apologies for the dated Saturday Night Live reference, but this devil, with his Walgreen's Halloween-costume outfit, looks like a character from a rejected SNL sketch. In addition to the video above, there's a whole Web site,, where the embodiment of evil has posted sinful messages like "Metro South Church makes me sick" and "Metro South Church is killing me." Many of us have long suspected that advertising is the devil's work, and he's getting lots of it these days. After all, he made an almost identical pitch last year in a campaign for The Prayer Channel, a religious TV station in New York City. Via Adpunch.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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