Sarah Silverman Breaks Up With an Overly Attached Coffee Cup for Orbit

Comic keeps it clean, but the cup's a bit dirty

Sarah Silverman breaks off her romance with a walking, talking coffee cup in EnergyBBDO's snappy new spots for Orbit Gum.

As the comic pitches ideas to Hollywood producers ("My character can solve crimes, but she chooses not to."), the anthropomorphized container interrupts, and Silverman tells him their relationship is over.

While definitely more safe for prime time than Silverman's usual fare, the ads include a few sly double entendres, like the cup's announcement that "I have your lipstick all over my rim."

"Break up with lingering food" is the tag, used in January for a spot in which the cup has another uncomfortable public split. Speaking of breakups, "fabulous" Orbit spokeswoman Farris Patton is nowhere to be seen, but Sarah's mouth shines just as bright.

Will there be a sequel? The cup can be recycled, after all. Or maybe next time, Silverman can break up with a bowl of bulgogi because all the spice has gone out of their affair. 

Be sure to check out our recent Q&A with Silverman if you're curious about her perspective on advertising, including her PSA co-starring a pro-choice Jesus. 

Orbit has also created Spanish-language versions of the ads, sadly not featuring Silverman. Check out one after the jump.