Social Media Agony, SapientNitro Edition

Shop keeps digging by deleting Facebook comments

It's time for your social-media catastrophe of the week. This one comes courtesy of ad agency SapientNitro, and is essentially a two-parter. What happened was: The agency posted a hilariously bad self-promotional music video on Facebook. (It's posted below. Sample lyrics: "Yeah, I work at Sapient and I'm an Idea Engineer/Dare to dream, no stopping'/Yeah, we're rocking'/Idea Engineers." This is followed by blisteringly lame guitar solo.) So, that was bad. But then it got lots worse.
     As people began poking fun at the video on Facebook, the agency began deleting their comments—even reportedly banning users from commenting. Ah, the old deleting of Facebook comments—a rookie mistake, and a damaging one, as ChapStick painfully learned last month. People are angry that their comments were deleted and now are questioning SapientNitro's social skills. The agency has now deleted the video entirely, though it was rescued and posted to YouTube by some bystanders. And in the past hour, the agency posted this odd message to Twitter: "We do great social media work for clients. Today we left our own brand unattended. We're sorry. Watch this space for more. #ironic." So, I guess, stay tuned.
     The lesson here? Don't make laughably cheesy videos—but if you do, have some fun with them. People usually prefer to laugh with you than at you. Give them that choice. And don't delete Facebook comments. Previously in terrible agency self-promo videos, this gem: A Tribute in Song to David Ogilvy Goes Awry.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.