Santa is skinnier, cooler with a Palm Centro


Get ready this Christmas for a newer, cooler Santa Claus. In fact, don't even call him Santa. Call him Claüs. So the story goes, Santa was sitting up in the North Pole being fat and jolly, dealing with a 400-foot parchment list of the naughty and nice, when he got a package in the mail. It was a Palm Centro, and it changed Santa forever. He cut his hair, started eating hippie food and lost weight. A new wardrobe and some hot sunglasses later, he was Claüs. Or, as most of you will recognize him, one of those skinny, hot, rich douches often found in ads for luxury/aspirational goods. Claüs is so hip, he has his own Facebook page. Go there to become a fan, listen to his music (he remixes Xmas songs), watch his videos and write on his wall. Great creative and concept from Creature, a Seattle-based agency. But there's one problem: The Centro looks like last year's new device, and no amount of clever marketing will fix that. A wall comment from “Elliot” sums it up: "Can I have a free iPhone, Claüs?"

—Posted by Jeremy Greenfield