Santa Joke Has This Ginger Family Seeing Red


Just as redheads (particularly those of the stepchild variety) are often the brunt of American jokes, they get their fair share of British gibes, too. Only there, they're called gingers. Davinia Phillips, a ginger mother of three small gingers, recently took offense to one such joke on a card she spotted at her local Tesco. (Check out the video at that link. It's worth it.) The card has a picture of a ginger boy sitting on Santa's lap and says, "Santa loves all kids. Even ginger ones." "If that had been about an obese child, or a child with glasses, or braces, or a colored child, then there'd be a massive uproar," she complained to the chain. To Tesco's credit, they immediately apologized and removed it from their stores, leaving Davinia with little to complain about, really. The card, however, was not made by Tesco, and is stocked in plenty of other stores. The card maker, Quitting Hollywood, which has the card in its Bad Santa line, gave no comment to the BBC. In a way, Davinia is quite right. But it does make one wonder why people only seem to pipe up when large companies like Tesco with enough money to throw at a potential lawsuit do stuff like this, and not the other stores in the area.