San Antonio to feel the beat in new ads

The city of love is … surprise! San Antonio, Texas! I always thought it was Paris. And not Paris, Texas, either. Scorpions and ZZ Top (the band in one case, but not the other) spring to mind on those rare occasions when I ponder the Lone Star State. But a press release from Bromley Associates set me straight. There’s a new campaign about all the things there are to love in San Antonio, but it will remain largely under wraps until Feb. 14. “We’ve already begun running teasers in the media and via direct mail, so it’s the campaign name and logo that are embargoed.” Fair enough. We won’t print the logo or divulge the slogan, though if some clever reader figures it out, well, that’s just the luck of the draw. Think Texas … love … Valentine’s Day. Man, this campaign will break Nicolas Sarkozy’s —. I also think of chili when I think of Texas. But it gives me —burn. OK, I’ll stop now, I’m in way too deep. What, what’d I say? I’m just —less.

—Posted by David Gianatasio