Samsung’s Unicorn Apocalypse Game Is Now Real, Although Apparently It Sucks

Maybe the film will be better?

Samsung's Unicorn Apocalypse, the fictional game featured in half a dozen ads that aired on the Oscars, was always begging to be defictionalized—and now it has been. Samsung held a developer contest to bring the game to life. The winning app, from Liquid Gameworks, is now available in the Google Play store. Here's the description:

Play as the unicorn, the harbinger of the apocalypse. Race across urban rooftops avoiding the deadly unicorn traps and soldiers that the Anti Unicorn Force (AUF) has deployed. Beyond the foot soldiers exist enemies both cunning and strong, so use your magic dash and rainbow lasers to blast through your enemies, avoid your own death, and prolong the Unicorn Apocalypse!

Unfortunately, the game hasn't exactly been a smash hit with users. It's averaging 2.2 stars out of 5. Of the 517 reviews, 308 give it the dreaded 1 star. Sample review: "If you're going to make a series of commercials and then release the game they advertise, you have to know significant quality is expected. This game is nothing more than another poor ripoff of Robot Unicorn Attack." Oh well, there's always the Tim Burton film to look forward to.