Samsung shows you who’s still on MySpace


Ever feel distrustful of someone whose social-network profile-pic pose is exaggerated or contrived? Well, your skepticism is justified, according to this Samsung promotional video, in which monsters work the angles to look more presentable on Facebook and MySpace. Admittedly, it's a bit random to release such a Halloween-themed spot in March, but you have to give credit to Samsung for being one of the only brands brave enough to build an ad largely around MySpace. Despite what you might have heard, MySpace still has a massive user base, with almost 120 million visitors worldwide in January alone. While some might ding Samsung's marketing team for featuring a social network that's "so 2007," I'd say they're probably playing it smarter than competitors who think Facebook is the alpha and omega of online life. Via Presurfer.

—Posted by David Griner