Samsung Flips the Marketing Script With a Tech-Savvy 'Grandma-Fluencer'

New work from BBDO Bangkok forgoes the trend of relying on Gen-Z creators

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Seniors are often stereotyped for being stuck in their ways, so when a grandmother changes her mind, it’s worth taking note—especially if she delivers her case with a cinematic action sequence or two.

Samsung is typically known for its mobile phones, but it wants to promote its range of WindFree air conditioners. Created by agency BBDO Bangkok, the brand’s latest campaign focuses on the family member who is traditionally the last to embrace new technology: the grandmother.

Rather than following the trend of tapping a Generation Z influencer to deliver its marketing message, Samsung flips the script by giving an influencer’s grandmother the spotlight. In the ad, the young influencer listens to her grandmother’s enthusiastic sales pitch.

Surprising her granddaughter by rolling into the apartment with a ladder and tools, the older woman humorously explains why this air conditioner is a cut above the rest.

The influencer’s skepticism is quickly dashed by her grandmother’s sudden knack for computer-generated-imagery-fueled action sequences. Throwing the phone in slow motion across the room “like a Zack Snyder movie,” the woman explains the unit’s new features.

The spot contains references to directors known for their action movies, including Edgar Wright, with a nod to his quick cuts and sound design, and Michael Bay, when a small-scale pyrotechnic display is employed.

But even with the newfound ability to perform cinema-worthy action scenes, the grandmother occasionally drops things and falls over the couch.

“Why not turn the grandmother, who rarely changes her mind, into an influencer with the mission to convince the whole family to change theirs, proving that even the most traditional-minded grandma can roll with the times,” said Thasorn Boonyanate, chief creative officer of BBDO Bangkok. “Plus, if grandma knows how to do a backflip out the window, grandma probably knows what’s best.”


Agency: BBDO Bangkok
Chief creative officer: Thasorn Boonyanate
Group creative director: Warunyoo Sorasetsakoon
Creative group head: Phanus Sobsamai
Copywriter: Panupong Nakju
Group business director: Taksina Vasaruchapong
Business director: Pattama Thienapirak
Account directors: Potjanin De Souza, Naruebet Bunrit
Account executive: Rhya Vongvichien
Head of brand and digital planning: Prasit Kunanuphanchai
Senior strategic planning manager:  Chanapa Kongvaranont
Strategic planner: Siraphat Ngewseeda
Project manager: Autcharawan Laohachataroop
Producer: Paramee Soontornwuttinun