Samsung creatures scuffle on N310 laptops

When Samsung last ventured into the realm of Web video, Welsh sheep in LED vests were involved. The result was "an Internet sensation," according to my AdFreak colleague Dave Kiefaber, who knows a bit too much about the Internet and sheep for my liking. Which brings us to Samsung's latest effort for its N310 mini notebook. At a Samsung trade show booth where the units are on display, male and female Gumby-type characters spring to life (I think they're supposed to be holograms) and battle in a bloodless imitation of Itchy and Scratchy. It's gotten nearly 200,000 views on YouTube in less than a week, and it certainly held my attention. But I'm not sure what it's trying to say about the product. And as for it being another "Internet sensation" … baaaaaaaah!

—Posted by David Gianatasio