With sales up, Hyundai dealer has sex again

Brad Benson, the ex-New York Giants lineman and current New Jersey Hyundai dealer, has been using topical gimmicks and his own neuroses as advertising fodder for a while now. But his vow last May to remain celibate until he outsold all other U.S. Hyundai dealerships really took the cake. Luckily, Benson can now have sex again, as he has indeed vanquished all competition on the sales front. There's a joke in here somewhere about Benson's "40-foot erection," his pet name (which he's used in radio spots) for the old Giants Stadium goalposts he acquired and installed at his store—but I'm too disturbed to make it. Benson's wife is probably happy this week about her husband's sales figures. Or maybe exhausted is the word. Or dehydrated. Via Jalopnik.