Saatchi CEO does enjoy his Thai massages

These are tough times. Every day seems to bring more grim news to agency land. Thankfully, those at the top are showing their solidarity with the troops. Well, sorta. On his BNET blog, my former colleague Jim Edwards points out that Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide CEO and sisomo advocate Kevin Roberts blogged about his recent extravagant vacation at a Thai resort. K.R. isn't averse to Internet oversharing, raving about his "classic cleansing" and daily massages, including his first facial. Jim points out that the resort charges a sweet $615 per night. But let's be real here. Times are tough, but agency CEOs, particularly at top-of-the-line shops like Saatchi, are paid handsomely. How handsomely? The Publicis Groupe 2007 annual report says K.R. got $3 million in lovemarks in 2007. For that kind of coin, $615 a night at a Thai resort seems pretty reasonable.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey