Russian Subaru Ad Expertly Veers From Shocking and Sad to Hilarious

Reversal of fortune on a quiet road at night

If you've been paying attention to Subaru's ads lately, you know that dogs love driving the brand's cars. But you probably don't know how far they'll go to do so.

This new dash-cam spot from Russia (where dash-cams are reportedly very much worth having) offers a window into canine depravity. The video is hilarious, in the same charmingly dumb way as other recent Subaru spots, but gets bonus points for offering a somewhat less wholesome portrayal than the brand's average American dog family, the Barkleys (though they did have an unhealthy affinity for chugging gas-station toilet water).

And while it won't get your heartrate up quite like Japanese tire brand Autoway's nighttime dash-cam spot from last year, it's got the distinct advantage of being way more adorable.

Via Co.Create.

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.