Rum spot’s got lots of captain in it

After years of a voluntary ban on broadcast liquor advertising, a spot for Captain Morgan rum suggests that some advertisers have been reacting to their newfound commercial freedom by producing ads that have reached politically-incorrect proportions. The spot shows a woman calling her juvenile boyfriend/spouse (it’s hard to tell from the spot), who claimed he was too sick to be with her at her cousin’s wedding (where, presumably, he’d be getting blasted on champagne). Instead, he’s at a bar, so he has to convince her that, well, in fact, he’s not a bar, but as he had said earlier, is home sick and watching TV. At this point, the spot bites the hand that’s feeding it—bored bar patrons imitate the stupidity of television by simulating the channels flipping. But what makes this spot a breakout is the behavior, which is clearly sullen-drunken, or as close to mean-drunk as you’ll see in a liquor spot of any era, coupled with a double entendre tagline that reinforces the attitude. As a trio of the snookered—including the wayward male—hoist up their legs, pirate-like, the voiceover reads, “They’ve got a little Captain in them. Got a little Captain in you?” (That answer, of course, would depend on what stupid television show you happen to be watching in order to see the spot.) Finally a commercial that could just go all the way and reverse the legal disclaimer, saying, “Drink irresponsibly.”

—Posted by Gregory Solman