Ross Levinsohn really needs more friends

That’s what the president of Fox Interactive Media told the Digital Marketing Expo, an Adweek-run conference held this week in New York. After asking the audience members how many of them had MySpace profiles—unsurprisingly, not many middle-aged hands went up—Levinsohn confessed that while he does have a MySpace profile, he has only 40 “friends” linked to it. A quick scan of the profile reveals some interesting connections Ross is making. There’s Tom, of course. His other friends are pretty typical: a few Fox employees; some startup types hoping that Rupert pays big for their companies; New York Times reporter Saul Hansell; even someone I went to school with years ago. One would think Ross would have more friends. After all, he is in charge of a group that’s quickly becoming a media force. What’s more, he’s not really choosy about who he’s looking to meet: “Anyone,” he says. “You never know where the future of the Internet is going, and I think the future is going to come from someone on My Space, so bring it on.” Please go make friends with Ross.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey