Roller Skating Beats a Life of Drugs and Despair, Says Ad

Genius mock PSA from Reno's Roller Kingdom

In a post on Rhett & Link's website, Rhett McLaughlin claims, "If you are in Reno, Nevada, there's a better option out there than drugs." That's a bold assertion that would seem to fly in the face of reason. Then I checked out this latest commercial by adland's kooky comic kingpins—a faux anti-drug PSA touting Reno's Roller Kingdom roller-skating rink—and emerged dizzy and delighted, like I'd just skated 'round and 'round in a circle for hours. Among the ad clichés spoofed to perfection here are cute-kid testimonials. One lisps, "Prison is full of people that have never roller skated." (By gum, that's probably true!) Twins proclaim, "Because we roller skate today, we'll go to college tomorrow." (Wow, they both have a point!) Conspicuous multiculturalism and old-folks-are-funny tropes get skewered by a cast featuring chubby Roller Kingdom owner Brad as a kidnapper; rink DJ Julio as an outrageously jivey drug dealer; and skate instructor George, playing perhaps the most wrinkled and least threatening street-gang leader of all time. Kudos for some inspired roll playing!

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