Rogue Medical Group Strikes Again With Cancer Billboard in Chicago

PCRM targets hot-dog eaters with blunt headline

Watch out, hot-dog lovers. You might be in for a case of the butt cancers. A new billboard on Chicago's Eisenhower Expressway is getting quite a bit of attention with its cartoonish look and juvenile copy, "Hot dogs cause butt cancer." It's part of a series being run in multiple cities by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine—the notorious group whose greatest hits also include the McDonald's morgue spot and the Grim Reaper cheese billboard. Although the new ad's subhead spells out that "processed meats increase colorectal cancer risk," the creators said their decision to dumb down the headline "was prompted by a recent survey showing that a surprising number—39 percent—of Americans do not know what the colon is." Personally, I'd like to see this campaign localized even more for Chicago. Maybe something like, "Abe Froman died from ass tumors."