Roger Federer’s Racket Becomes a Musical Instrument in Wilson’s Quirky Audio Experiment

The result is even available on limited-edition vinyl

Tennis icon Roger Federer holds countless records. His latest one is vinyl.

To help tout the Swiss star’s Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph racket, Wilson teamed up with production house Farm League and music producer Money Mark (who’s worked with the Beastie Boys), to create an original audio track.

Roger doesn’t sing. But he does swing. The man spent a day hitting balls shot at him from a machine on a mini-court in the Mojave Desert. The location provided great acoustics and looks pretty sharp in the clip below.

As Fed clubbed away, Mark captured the sound of every bounce and whoosh — along with other aural tidbits, like the crack-pop opening of a tennis ball can and the unziiiiiiping of a sports bag. Mix in some electronic beats, and, well, the results might just set your tennis shoes tapping:

That’s one funky baseline.

Still, the track, “Play Your Heart Out,” won’t reach No. 1 on the charts anytime soon. Then again, after his shock quarterfinal loss at Wimbledon this week, neither will Federer. (Don’t cry for Rog—he’s already spent 310 weeks atop the men’s professional tennis rankings in his storied career. And yes, that’s a record.)

Fed fans with $597 tucked away in their sweat socks might enjoy acquiring a vinyl record of the track, which is included in a 1,200-unit limited edition RF 97 box set, along with the racket, a tennis-ball-shaped Bluetooth speaker and other goodies.


Client: Wilson
Production: Farm League
Director: Charlie Mcdowell
Co-founder and EP: Tieneke Pavesic
Co-founder, EP and CFM: Tim Lynch
ECD / Brand Ent: Marc Gilbar
EP / Account Director: Michael Pizzo
EP / Account Director: Michael Pizzo
Production Supervisor: Peter Bunstein
1st A.D.: Matthew Waters
2nd A.D.: Jim Munoz
Dir. of Photography: Isiah Donte Lee
1st AC: Karim Belkasemi
2nd AC: Matt Taylor
Gaffer: Brian Mundell
BB Driver: Jack Shaw
Key Grip: Sean Talbott
BB Grip: Justin Bernard
Grip: Dan Poole
Hyphemate: Rick Antonette
Production Designer: Daniel ‘smitty’ Smith
Prop Master: David Bridson
Key Costumer (RF): Catherine Hahn
Key Make Up (RF): Lori Matsushima
Moho Driver (RF): Don Clark
Craft Service: Natasha Peterson
Medic: Dan Tarte
Prod. Asst.: John Abright
Prod. Asst.: Jerry Butt
Prod. Asst.: Andrew Giarusso
Prod. Asst.: Angus Macmillan
Music Coordinator: Matt Chambless

Post Team
Editor: George Manzanilla
Postproduction Producer: David Burden

Music: Money Mark

Color: Marshall Plante, Olio Creative

@DaveGian David Gianatasio is a longtime contributor to Adweek, where he has been a writer and editor for two decades. Previously serving as Adweek's New England bureau chief and web editor, he remains based in Boston.