Robots spotted promoting movie worldwide

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has unleashed a conspiracy campaign through a series of worldwide robot sightings. A bot jumps off a soccer stadium in Rome. A scooter transforms in the U.K. (above). Another climbs a water tower in Barcelona. There's are also sightings in Tokyo, Germany, France and the U.S. Paramount must have studied a lot of YouTube clips, because they're all convincingly boring until the CGI comes in. To track and find more clips, visit these companion blogs: The Real Effing Deal and Giant Effing Robots. I'm lovin' these sites, right down to the fabulous fake comments and the Real Effing Kitten Calendars that you can't purchase. I have to say, they clearly put more work into writing the blogs then they did writing the script, wherein the Decepticons are out to steal the sun. But if you don't like boring things like reading, don't despair: You can transform yourself into an autobot over at, where augmented reality software will install the face of Optimus Prime right over yours. Check out the sample vid from creators at PPC Interactive. It gets you pumped to be primed. I sure hope the movie isn't a letdown.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers