Rob Lowe Is Ugly, Creepy and Hilarious as a Cable Customer in DirecTV Ads

'Don't be like this me,' he implores

Headshot of Tim Nudd

DirecTV has gotten lots of actors to poke some fun at themselves over the years—notably Charlie Sheen in the Platoon spot. Now, it's Rob Lowe's turn to look hilariously foolish.

A pair of new ads from Grey New York outlandishly show what Lowe is like as a cable customer compared to what he's like as a DirecTV customer. As a cable customer, he's literally falling apart (in the first spot) or a complete pervert (in the second spot). As a DirecTV customer, thankfully, he is neither.

The message? You too can choose not to be a pervert with a combover and a lazy eye. Get DirecTV today! As a nice added bonus, these commercials—directed by Tom Kuntz of MJZ—end with the theme from St. Elmo's Fire. He's come a long way, baby.


Client: DirecTV

Campaign: Versus

Spots: "Less Attractive," "Creepy"

Agency: Grey, New York

Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren

Executive Creative Director: Dan Kelleher

Group Creative Directors: Doug Fallon, Steven Fogel

Agency Executive Producer: Andrew Chinich

Agency Producer: Lindsay Myers

Agency Music Producers: Zachary Pollakoff, Amy Rosen

Account: Chris Ross, Beth Culley, Anna Pogosova, Aaron Schwartz, Meredith Savatsky, Eddie Mele

Strategy: Michelle Leo

Production Company: MJZ

Director: Tom Kuntz

Producer: Emily Skinner

Production Supervisor: Daniel Gonzalez

Director of Photography: Hoyte Van Hoytema

Editorial Executive Producers: Sasha Hirschfeld, Mackenzie Cutler

Editor: Gavin Cutler, Mackenzie Cutler

Assistant Editors: Ryan Steele, Mike Rizzo

Mixer, Sound Designer: Sam Shaffer

Visual Effects Company: Method Studios

Visual Effects Supervisor: Jay Hawkins

Visual Effects Producers: Carlos Herrera, Christa Cox

Casting (OCP): Francine Selkirk, Shooting From the Hip

Casting (VO): Nina Pratt, Jerry Saviola, Avenue 3 Casting

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.