The roach brooch is the height of fashion

TopmodelI must admit that watching America’s Next Top Model is a sick and guilty pleasure, and listening to the whiny, dim-bulb contestants makes me feel like a Rhodes scholar by comparison. But for once I felt sorry for the models—in a recent episode, they were forced to wear living insects as jewelry. Yes, decorated, crystal-adorned, leashed bugs as a fashion accessory. They weren’t even cute, like ladybugs, or sweet and harmless, like praying mantises. They were Madagascar hissing cockroaches designed by Jared Gold, a Salt Lake City designer whose claim to fame is living brooches. To date, he has not heard from PETA. “What we do to them doesn’t affect their life at all,” he says. “It’s not like we’re torturing them.”

—Posted by Celeste Ward

Photo: Monty Brinton/UPN