The Right Underwear Makes You an Invincible Badass, Says Fruit of the Loom

First work from CP+B

Ever have that dream where you look down and realize you're wearing only your underwear? Not me. That dream's for losers. The people in Crispin Porter + Bogusky's first work for Fruit of Loom don't seem to mind it, though. In fact, they've never felt better.

One ad features a pit crew at a racetrack working in their boxers, as jokey narration assures us, "This crew's not having to recalibrate their own nuts and bolts in front of 20 million fans." In another, stuntwoman Mickey Facchinello, clad in bra and panties, leaps from exploding buildings and over exploding cars while shooting a ninja-commando movie, as we're warned, "Do not attempt unless you’re a professional on a closed course wearing the right underwear." Ha ha, "professional" is such a funny word. The "Start Happy" tagline reinforces the message that beginning with the right underwear makes everything better.

In a related promotion, the brand is offering free underwear to thousands of LinkedIn users who find new employment in October. (They might consider wearing proper business attire over those freebies on the first day, just in case.) 

The accent throughout is on comfort, never a bad strategy for the category, though the goofy Fruit of the Loom mascots are sorely missed. (Rock on, Giant Singing Apple—I love you, man!) The new stuff is certainly fun and fresh—one hopes it's fresh, at any rate. Still, it doesn't quite scale the dizzying heights of Paul Smith's recent underwear endeavor.