Riding on empty

With New York’s transition from subway tokens to MetroCards complete, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has devised seemingly endless ways to catch riders’ attention with its cards. But here’s one initiative that’s a little weird: A MetroCard purchased by one AdFreak commuter features the logos of Avis and the New York Yankees, with Avis’ “We try harder” line appearing on a baseball under its logo—along with the line, “Official rental car company of the New York Yankees.”


It makes sense to put the Bronx Bombers on a MetroCard—many folks use one to get to E. 161st St. and River Avenue for a game. But a rental-car company? Do any straphangers actually wish they could battle the hellish pre- or post-game traffic in a car? Or is the idea more that anything generally seems preferable to the squished early-morning rush hour on the 1 or 9 train?

The placement just seems a bit bizarre—like seeing the Red Sox win a World Series. Guess anything goes these days.

—Posted by Simon Butler