Ridiculous goat billboards rock Tennessee

What’s the difference between a controversial billboard in L.A. and one near Nashville? The former reads, “Stop the invasion,” and deals with immigration. The latter reads, “Save Gracie May!” and deals with a pet goat who’s been kicked out of her owner’s home. Locally, at least, Gracie May’s predicament is considered serious. The law there prohibits cows, swine, sheep, horses, mules, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, turkey or any other livestock or fowl from being kept within 1,000 feet of a residence, business or public street. Which leaves the domesticated Gracie May out in the cold—although not without a support group that has put up billboards and a Web site. But the opposition is terrified of setting a dangerous precedent. As one local councilman points out: “I wish there were some way we could do it, but it’s a Pandora box we’d be opening. What’s to say people wouldn’t have a pet cow or a pot bellied pig. You can’t single out one breed of animal. They’re not allowed in city limits whether it’s a trained animal or not. I couldn’t vote for it. I’m just scared to death there would be people saying, ‘I want to bring in my pet cow.’ ”

—Posted by Tim Nudd