Ricky Gervais in a squishy situation

GervaisAs a rule, I’m not a big fan of scatological entertainment. Unless it involves Will Ferrell streaking through campus in Old School. Or Cameron Diaz using a “special conditioner” in There’s Something About Mary. Or Alyson Hannigan reminiscing about band camp in American Pie. OK, fine. Perhaps I’m a bit too in touch with my inner frat boy. Whatever the case, I wasn’t terribly shocked when I heard a U.K. radio spot for prostate-cancer awareness featuring Ricky Gervais playing a doctor who is eager give a patient a rectal exam. (There’s a link to an audio file on the BBC site.) After the squeamish patient agrees to the exam, we hear a “squish” sound before the patient admits that it’s “not that bad.” A British watchdog agency originally said the ad could only run after 9 p.m., then reversed itself—but is still insisting that the squish be excised. One can only surmise that when classic British propriety bumped up against sophisticated British humor, personified by a man in a dress, the man in the dress won. Thank you, Benny Hill.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit

Photo: WENN/Newscom