Rich investors, check out my virtual reality

Time Warner is willing to pay $12 million to invest in Gaia, a virtual world based on parties where teens watch The Matrix and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective?! That’s it, I’m starting my own virtual world. I’m calling
it DaveWorld. It’s a natural extension of my popular social network for people named Dave. What will DaveWorld look like, and what people will do there? Oddly, it resembles the bleak workscapes in’s new ad campaign. Visitors are invited to follow my daily routine: Go to work, come home, sit on the couch, eat pizza, surf the Web and watch TV. There’s also a virtual laundry room, but two of the dryers are broken because the virtual management company is too cheap to spend some virtual money for repairs. The soundtrack is all Kraftwerk. I like Kraftwerk. Your choice of avatars: me or Nicolas Sarkozy. You can also do a mashup where we resemble Killer Klown Barbie. As yet, there’s no URL or mobile access. Still, one thing’s for sure: With some venture backing and corporate ad support, DaveWorld could take off.

—Posted by David Gianatasio