Rice Company Serves Up a Different Kind of ‘Super Bowl’ Spot

Utterly manipulative yet irresistible

This Chinese New Year-themed spot, which fits bowls of rice into its story line, packs more punch than most of the bikini- and effects-driven Super Bowl commercials that have been teased so far. The work comes from Malaysian rice provider Bernas via Ogilvy & Mather. It's an utterly manipulative melodrama focusing on traditional Chinese reunion dinners, a three-minute soap opera that pushes our buttons to elicit an emotional response. That said, the vignette is deftly constructed, with perfect acting, editing and cinematography—and its extra length allows the story to build at an almost hypnotically compelling pace. It generates an intense sincerity, achieving a wet-eyed poignancy by the final frame. No spoilers—just watch until the end, and see if you agree that this one's got legs and stands up to repeat viewings. Via The Denver Egotist.

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