Rhett & Link Return With New Local Spot, Whole Show on IFC

Rhett & Link, the Internet musicians/comedians who've attracted a giant following with their parodies of local commercials (for actual small businesses who then run them as actual commercials), are hitting the big time. They've gotten their very own show on IFC called Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings, which premieres June 24. In each episode, they'll do what they've been doing for the past couple of years—finding local businesses and doing wacky ads for them. Just yesterday they unveiled a new spot, as a kind of sneak peek—it's for a garbage collection company called Heavy Hill Trash. Nice use of the Trashicorn. After the jump, check out a promo for the IFC show, along with the two best spots Rhett & Link have ever done—for Cullman Liquidation and Red House Furniture. 

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