Rhett & Link do spot for Austin tattoo parlor

Here's the latest installment in Rhett & Link's I Love Local Commercials series, which we've written about a lot. This time, they're pitching True Blue Tattoo in Austin, Texas, with a bit of reverse psychology. The message: Don't get a tattoo. You'll regret it. (As always, there's a behind-the-scenes video, too.) Meanwhile, Wired.com has posted a profile of Rhett & Link, based around an interview with Rhett McLaughlin, who explains how they make their subjects feel comfortable about doing a goofy commercial. "We're confident that there's a clear difference between the way we interact with people and how, for example, Sacha Baron Cohen does. We aren't potentially ruining peoples' lives, and we don't plan to."

—Posted by Tim Nudd