Rhett & Link to Bestow Awards for Craziest Local Commercials

Who needs a gold Lion when you can win a LoCo Award? Rhett and Link, the ubiquitous local-commercial experts who just launched their own IFC show, Commercial Kings, have kicked off a contest to honor other locally produced spots. They envision it as the Cannes of kitsch, or the Oscars for small-business owners who gyrate, warble, and overact their way through 30 seconds of airtime. Fans of the genre can nominate and vote for their favorite local commercials in categories like Most Unforgettable Tagline, Best Performance by an Animal or Child, and Best Costume or Mascot. (Serra Honda Man, that means you.) The top winner will receive the Palme d'LoCo and a whopping $250 in cash, plus the presidential costume from Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal's Presidential Car Wash ad. So far, the contest site, from Cataldi PR and Trailer Park, has compiled addictive time wasters like classic Earl Scheib car repair ads, Crazy Gideon rants, and some old guy doing a jig for Mattress Ranch in Wasilla, Alaska. (See below. Hey, it got my vote!) Descriptions of these ads often include the phrase "on crack." The person who nominated the About Pet Center of Salem, Va., says lovingly that its ad features "crazy assed animals singing a super annoying jingle." Rhett and Link will pick the best of the worst next month.