Rhea Scott’s new directors strut their stuff

Little Minx, a division of Ridley Scott’s RSA Films, has posted a series of shorts based on the French parlor game “Exquisite Corpse.” (Whenever I play, I get stiffed, but that’s an awful pun and a story for another day.) The goal: “to showcase their talented lineup of new directors—directors that they hope will be the future of the online ad industry.” Laurent Briet, Chris Nelson, Josh Miller, Malik Hassan Sayeed and Phillip Van contributed, each responding to the last line of text from the previous script and each featuring the Little Minx brand in some way. The variety of themes, styles of storytelling and visual panache are striking (especially in Sayeed’s evocative and at times almost surreal urban-tough segment). Will the directors’ spirits sag as they lovingly lens spots for microwave popcorn, ultra-whitening mouth-rinse and mocha java? Probably. But at least their pocketbooks will swell, and they’ll always have these shorts to look back on for inspiration. UPDATE: The films were Rhea Scott’s producing work, not Ridley’s. She is his daughter-in-law.

—Posted by David Gianatasio