Return to Rushmore: Best Buy’s Back-to-School Ad Channels a Wes Anderson Classic

Sadly, no Bill Murray

Wes Anderson's Rushmore was a clear inspiration for Best Buy's back-to-school spot, which, like the 1998 film, focuses on a student juggling an excess of extracurricular interests.

Created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the ad's clearest connection to the film is The Creation's rowdy 1967 track "Making Time," which also plays over the movie's opening montage. (You can revisit Anderson's excellent Rushmore intro below).

Let's hope the student in the spot has a less tumultuous school year than Rushmore anti-hero Max Fischer, who deals with everything from Olivia Williams' unrequited love to a no-holds-barred feud with Bill Murray.

Anyway, it appears that Anderson's oeuvre, which straddles the line between art house and mainstream, has seeped into the collective consciousness and inspired a new generation of commercial creativity. (Wes' chest must be swelling with pride now that his quirky coming-of-age tale is providing a template to help lure customers to the retail floor.)

Asked if the spot was indeed a literal homage to Rushmore, a coy Best Buy rep told AdFreak: "Any time you’re compared to an Academy Award-nominated director, that's a good thing. And to be honest, better to channel Wes Anderson than Wes Craven."

Via Technology Tell.