The return of Kool-Aid’s pitch(er) man

The Kool-Aid Man is back! The disgusting CGI of the ’90s is finally gone and Kool-Aid Man is once again a dude in an oversized suit. And though he’s no longer bursting through walls, he’s still plenty potent. In several new spots (“Kitten” is shown above, “Beach” is below), Kool-Aid Man takes on Soda Man and beats him handily in various competitions. Kool-Aid Man’s fancy cargo pants and tweaked slogan, “Delivering more smiles per gallon,” might make you think they’ve dropped his famous “Oh yeah!” catchphrase for good, but I’ve heard an amusing radio ad where he says nothing more than “Oh yeah!” while a housewife asks him leading questions. Also, it’s all over his Kool-Space Web page. Now that Kraft Foods is advertising Kool-Aid year-round instead of just during the summer to steal sales from cash-strapped consumers cutting back on soft drinks, I’d rather watch my main man on heavy rotation than some rival un-anthropomorphic pitcher. Bravo to longtime agency Ogilvy & Mather for bringing back the big guy in red.

Posted by Rebecca Cullers