Retro mashups apparently recession-proof

You would think an economic downturn would make people focus on the necessities in life. But why worry about food, shelter and savings when you can throw your money away on pointless retro kitsch? Today, we've got four fine examples of bizarre pop-culture mashups that have evidently struck a chord, at least among bloggers. First, there are bars of soap shaped like classic video-game controllers (price range: $5-$25). Then you've got your Disco Ball Hat, which couldn't possibly be displayed on a more appropriate model than the guy above. No price is listed for that, as is the case with the At-At Walker Boombox, which combines the awesome powers of Star Wars and cassette tapes. But fear not, you can still drop $28 on Jenga: Donkey Kong Collector's Edition. Finally, your Jenga and Donkey Kong collections can live in harmony!

—Posted by David Griner