Republik’s office building gets easier to find

Durham, N.C., ad agency The Republik extends the recent trend of ads appearing on the sides of buildings by advertising itself on the exterior of its brand-new office. The ever-changing exhibit of ads resembles a pop-art collage, stands 22 feet high and 30 feet wide and rides a system of pulleys. With all those ads flapping around in the breeze, if Steve Jobs just happens to stroll by, TBWA\Chiat\Day could have something to worry about—but probably not. The banners are see-through from the inside, so employees can catch a few glimpses of the outside world as they work 18-hour days prepping Southern tourism pitches and thinking up new weaponry to showcase on the shop's gun-happy Web site. I'm also told the new digs have "no fixed doors or walls" and that "internal meeting spaces are stand-up only." Which should help dissuade both inter-office sexual encounters and tiresome staff meetings.

—Posted by David Gianatasio