Rent PETA’s president for a day!

Peta1This is just weird. It seems PETA is auctioning off a one-day rental of its president, Ingrid Newkirk (shown here), as part of its Auction for Animals program. “Newkirk is available to give you honest critiques or humane advice or just do what you’d like her to do as long as it’s legal and, if animal suffering or death is involved, you did not cause it or add to it in any way specifically for this occasion,” says the eBay listing. Considering how PETA gets all up in everyone’s grill with its ads and PR moves, should it expect some unfriendly bidders? CMO’s Collateral Damage blog lays down the gauntlet for meat and fur marketers: “C’mon, McDonald’s or someone: get in on the bidding. I want to see Ms. Newkirk frying up some burgers and McNuggets. Or just get her down to the slaughterhouse.” The current bid is $6,100. The auction ends a week from today.

—Posted by Tim Nudd