Renault builds viral around a complete ass

Ass_1Renault in the U.K. has gotten lots of mileage out of the Groove Armada song “I See You Baby (Shakin’ That Ass).” It first used it in ads in 2003, angering parents who feared that their already insufferable offspring might start uncontrollably wiggling their bottoms. In 2004, another “shaking” Renault ad was banned because it made fun of Parkinson’s disease. (Which reminds us of a stellar Onion headline: “Michael J. Fox visibly excited about return to TV.”) Anyway, this latest Renault viral, Still Shakin’ It, is pretty ho-hum. You try to catch a donkey who calls himself the “fastest ass in the West.” If you catch him, you get to shake him—and the song starts up. Yes, you are shaking that ass.

—Posted by Tim Nudd