Remy can cause same-sex necklace biting

A woman flips her head back, as though in the throes of ecstasy, while another looks on, lasciviously biting the first woman's necklace. The caption: "Things are getting interesting." I guess they are. A casual viewer of this out-of-home ad might conclude that the advertiser, Remy Martin, is advocating sapphistry. But Remy rep Marie Christina Batich tells us that's not so. "It's highly interpretive," she says. And yes, that is one interpretation. But unlike IBM, Ikea and some other companies, Remy isn't taking a stand on homosexuality so much as endeavoring to "uncover an avant-garde world," if a press release about the campaign, via Miami's La Comunidad, is to be believed. Nor is it apparently advocating threesomes, which are hinted at in another execution showing a man canoodling with two women.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman