Religions are ‘scams,’ says atheist billboard


A bunch of heathens in Alabama are decrying organized religions as “scams” on a new billboard. At first, I wondered why the Crimson Tide would do such a thing. Investigating further, I learned that the advertiser is a group called American Atheists. (They’re godless, but partriotic!) A spokesman for the group conceded that the sign, hyping an upcoming regional meeting in Huntsville (the Sodom of the South?), could “make a lot of people mad.” Such folks include Christians, Jews and Muslims, as the billboard uses symbols representing those faiths. This latest effort follows other ads from the group branding Christmas a “myth.” Judging from the socks I got as presents this year, I think they’ve got a point. Pro-atheism ads, of course, have been popping up everywhere of late, angering religious folks all over the world. Why can’t we all just get along, kick back and relax with some sinfully delicious Doritos?