Reese’s Turned Gripes About Its Ugly Christmas Candy Into Funny Ads About Tree Shaming

How to turn the tide

For those who've noticed Reese's building on its Halloween dominance by making uniquely shaped candies for other holidays, too, here's a little-known fact: It's been making Christmas tree-shaped peanut butter candies since 1993. 

But it wasn't until this year that anybody really paid attention, and not for the most flattering reason: The trees appear to be extra blobular this season, and fans have taken to Twitter to complain about the shape—which seems more fecal than festive.

Luckily, Reese's social media team knows how to shut down haters. Without denying that the trees are indeed sloppier than usual, the brand started a campaign to end "tree shaming" and declare all trees to be beautiful. 

Our favorite, though, is this one, mostly because it inspired a fan comment that finally gives that smiling poo emoji a purpose:

The work is smart social commentary that packs a bushelful of truth … because no matter what it looks like, you're gonna eat the tre, and like it, as one realist aptly pointed out:

Now, the only thing left to do is orchestrate an #AllTreesAreBeautiful tie-in with the Peanuts movie. It seems like nearly every other brand is partnering with Peanuts, and Reese's doesn't just have a peanut butter product—it's got a crappy tree worthy of a Charlie Brown Christmas.

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@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.