The Redspot Pizza guy has it under control


While the CiCi's campaign from earlier this week says "cheap!" by touting meals for about $5, this Redspot Pizza effort by Social Rocker Club in Mexico conveys a markedly different attitude. See the three full ads here. Yes, the visual style is imitative. Still, the ads so deftly balance self-conscious "cool" with goofiness, they succeed in spite of themselves. The delivery guy, in his snug jeans and red jacket, flashing bling and sporting a scraggly beard, looks like a drug-dealing roadie on some kind of mission. He oozes as much brooding malevolence as someone carrying a double-anchovy special possibly can. Delivery scenarios in the campaign include a steamy noir garage (not a spot of grease or motor oil in sight!); this dorm room, whose denizens appear to be toasted (except for Porndexter surfing the Web); and a girl's bedroom, where a foxy pillowfight is in progress. The Redspot guy keeps his cool throughout, his manly pose conveying an important message: I do not make change! And I forgot your Cokes, sorry. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio